Ring 2019 with us!

2018 has been a year of challenges, breakthroughs, leaps of faith, and a FRESH business redirection to a new vision and a dream to have the best real estate business, sells many homes as possible, help families purchase their first house and truly make a difference in the real estate industry.  Through revelation and a new and clear vision, Gabriel and I adopted our new slogan "WE WORK TO GIVE."  God did not want to keep the blessings only for ourselves and wait for them to spoil, rather to share them with our loves ones and the ones who need it the most.We are so excited to witness and live what God has in store for all of us this upcoming 2019. As soon as the clock hits 2019, we are blessed to have families lined up for their home and purchase. Are you in the same page, looking for your next home? Gabriel and I advice you to take action by completing the next 5 challenges so this dream becomes a reality: Start the journey.Hire a qualified and full time real estate specialist to represent you! You deserve the best service!Get started with your home loan application. Continue or start saving for your downpayment.Avoid debt, credit cards, new car purchases, it will be worth it!  Please feel free to reach out, and sit down with us so we can show you the roadmap to acquire real estate.    

Living the california dream 

PERMANENT VACATIONSPerhaps you have heard the old adage that part of any good vacation is finding yourself wanting to move there. In San Diego, that desire is called a moment of clarity. Sometimes life gives you inspiration; when it does, adventurers, bon vivants,and California dreamers must heed the call. Why would you want to move to San Diego - besides the year-round balmy weather, stellar beaches, famous fresh cuisine, world-class university and healthy-lifestyle inspiration all around you? San Diego is sometimes referred to as one of the happiest cities in theworld, and it's not hard to see why. If you're thinking of following themuse and turning your California dream into a permanent reality, you're not alone.As you plan your grand move, it may help to glean some insider information about the myriad San Diego neighborhoods, plus what makes each tick: ENCINITAS If you want wide-open expanses and agiant, sprawling home, head a little up the coast to Encinitas, which lies on the northern edge of San Diego County. High home prices and larger property lots mean you'll have room to spread out and build up your estate. What you lose in urban density, you'll make up for in the laid-back outdoor lifestyle of this neighborhood. EAST WILLAGEIf modern-luxury loft living is part of your vision, there's plenty to choose from in this newly booming downtown neighborhood. With 4 high-rise luxury buildings and Counting, you can choose a waterfront penthouse or a three bedroom loft-style condo with every possible amenity included. SOUTH PARK If you're constantly chasing the bohemian life, this might be the neighborhood for you. Home to impossibly hip urban art galleries, pop-up restaurants, and a never-ending stream of cafes, coffee houses, and craft brew houses, you will feel at home here. It's the perfect neighborhood for those who lust for vibrant culture and street life.​


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